York Vinyl Dipped Dumbbells

York Vinyl Dipped Dumbbells

With ergonomically shaped handles for a comfortable grip, York Vinyl Dipped Dumbbells are ideal for aerobic workouts, physical therapy and light weight resistance aerobic workouts.Colour coded for organisation with an easy-to-clean vinyl covering these dumbells are perfect for home or studio use. Sold individually.
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Product SKU: YK1670-G

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York Vinyl Dipped Dumbbell - 0.5kg - Pink

SKU: YK1670


This product is currently out of stock.

York Vinyl Dipped Dumbbell - 1kg - Purple

SKU: YK1671


York Vinyl Dipped Dumbbell - 1.5kg - Green

SKU: YK1672


York Vinyl Dipped Dumbbell - 2kg - Yellow

SKU: YK1673


York Vinyl Dipped Dumbbell - 2.5kg - Red

SKU: YK1674


York Vinyl Dipped Dumbbell - 3kg - Blue

SKU: YK1675


York Vinyl Dipped Dumbbell - 4kg - Grey

SKU: YK1676


York Vinyl Dipped Dumbbell - 5kg - Black

SKU: YK1677


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  • Material: Cast iron with coloured vinyl coating
  • Dimensions: Variable
  • Plate Centre Hole/Bar Diameter: N/A
  • Grip Diameter: Variable
  • Product Weight: 0.5 - 5kg
  • Max Weight Capacity (bars): N/A
  • Commercial Quality: No
  • Warranty: 12 months
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