Our Sole SRVO Journey

Our Sole SRVO Journey


The Introduction

Presented to us by one of our most trusted and long-standing suppliers, the Sole SRVO immediately sparked out interest as a revolution in the at-home fitness industry in New Zealand. If you look past the infomercial-esk video, you can see as we did, the potential demand for a product like this!


Discovery and Anticipation

Once our team had the full product spec in hand we were keen to get our hands on a sample and check it out for ourselves. 

After much anticipation, our samples finally arrived!


The Unboxing


We were immediately impressed by the quality and how easy it was to unpack, set up and store. The whole team in the office tried it out and the key things we noticed were:

  1. How easy it is to use
  2. How it can easily cater for all levels from beginner to advanced athletes


Testing it Out

We captured some video of Elisa testing it out, see how simple it is to do all your traditional exercises!


We compared exercises on the Sole SRVO with those same exercises using traditional equipment and created an easy to follow visual comparison. Check it out below!


We later asked Elisa if she would mind completing a mini workout using the Sole SRVO so we could show you just how easy it is to change the attachments and move from one exercise to the next.  Thanks Elisa!



Stay tuned for more updates here as we discover more about the Sole SRVO!..


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