Spirit MR100 Rehabilitation Recumbent Bike

Spirit MR100 Rehabilitation Recumbent Bike

The Spirit MR100's recumbent design pays particular attention to hip and lower body joint mobility, allowing optimal rehabilitation in a relatively relaxed posture. Users may input desired knee flextion angles and the software will calculate the pedal and the seat's fore/aft position. Variables such as body symmetry and limb length can be taken into account for practitioners to finely tailor to every patient's needs.

Please note: Due to the specialised nature of Spirit Rehabilitation Equipment, all pricing including freight and installation will be provided on application. Orders are manufactured to specific installation requirements and as such, lead times may vary. Please phone us on 0800 625 3349 to discuss your specific requirements.

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Product SKU: DYSPTMR100



  • Console: LCD display
  • Console Feedback: Calories, Heart Rate, METs, RPM, Time, Watts
  • Programs: 10
  • Heart Rate: Contact and Telemetric
  • Resistance: Bi-Directional
  • Drive Train: 8 groove poly-v belt
  • Power: AC Plug in 240V
  • Flywheel: Low Inertia
  • Seat: High density foam
  • Crank: MA900 Rehabilitation Adjustable Crank - adjustable from 15 degrees to full range of motion
  • Pedal: Custom pedals with 2 degree inversion
  • Adjustments: 8-position swivel seat
  • Frame: Steel
  • Water Bottle Holder: Yes
  • Fan: No
  • MP3/iPod Capable: No
  • Product Weight: 72kg
  • Max User Weight: 200kg
  • Dimensions: 1448mm L x 448mm W x 1200mm H
  • Commercial Quality: No
  • Warranty: Frame - lifetime, Mechanical & Electronic - 3 years, Labour - 1 year
Features and Information


The Spirit MR100 is equipped with the default MA900 Rehabilitation Adjustable Crank, which operates in a closed-kinetic chain environment. It is safe, impact free, and pain free within the patient’s ROM.

Key Features

  • Adjustable Pedal Cranks enable a clinician to accommodate a patient’s knee range of motion capabilities with single side or bi-lateral adjustments from as small as 15 degrees to full range.
  • Bi-Directional Resistance applies to both forward and reverse pedaling for instantaneous retro-cycling.
  • 8-Position Swivel Seat in 45 degree increments allows full rotation, easing patient ingress and egress.
Console Interface and Software
The Spirit MR100 features 10 programs including Quick Start, Manual, Hill, Plateau, Interval, Custom, VO2 sub-max YMCA protocol, Constant Power, Heart Rate, Isokinetic, and Symmetry program. The Symmetry program respectively articulates left and right leg exercise watt input through visual biofeedback.

Programs can interactively adapt to patients’ characteristics using input information such as weight and gender as the basis to maximise their rehabilitative regimen. The unique knee angle data input allows seat and pedal crank settings according to desired ROMs.

Targeted Clinical Applications
The Spirit MR100 benefits patients with: patella femoral conditions, total knee replacements, ACL, MCL, and PCL repairs, other ligamentous repairs, arthritic conditions, tendonitis and more.

MA900 Rehabilitation Adjustable Crank

The MA900 flexibly accommodates patients by its incrementally adjustable cranks, from as little as 15 degrees. Smaller degrees render smaller circular lower body motions. As a result, patients with limited ROM can start therapy earlier than by using other rehab equipment. Ultimately, patients acquire passive and active mobilisation for hips, knees and ankles.

Other training merits with the MA900 include:
  • Isolated closed kinetic chain exercising for quadriceps and hamstrings
  • Exercising in the pain-free parts of the body thereby reducing patient’s discomfort and fear

MA901 Neurological Pedal Set

The MA901 enables patients with neurological dysfunctions to exercise in a closed kinetic chain environment. This is achieved by having patients’ feet secured to the pedal with a heel cup and 2 straps. The adjustable tightness ensures that the feet do not move during closed kinetic chain exercise.

Training merits with the MA901 include:
  • Motor learning, range of motion, strength exercises, and skill building are the results of hours of practice with this pedal set.

Bi-Lateral Symmetry Monitoring Program
The bi-lateral symmetry monitoring program aims to resolve limb deficiencies and walking gait by encouraging users through biofeedback and enables clinicians to minimise the requirement for compensatory strategies in their patient or client care.

Evenly balanced standing, walking or running shows that the body is healthy and efficiently at work.

The more symmetrical the left and right sides of the body are, the faster, stronger, and more consistent your musculature performance will be, indicating a balanced condition. It is observable that symmetry is important for endurance and performance, from the elite athlete to the chronic or acute patients; and from sports specific performance to activities of daily living.

Muscular imbalance is generally a sign of a problem in the body. A person who is highly asymmetrical – imagine a large left versus right side performance discrepancy as an extreme case – would be considered less ‘fit’ or physically capable than a symmetrical person.

Clinicians should aim for symmetry of strength and performance in order to minimise the requirement for compensatory strategies in their patients or clients. It is with this goal in mind that the Symmetry program was developed and offered across the Spirit Medical Systems Group product line.

The symmetry program on the Spirit MR100 monitors, measures and displays power around the pedal rotation. It provides both graphical and numeric biofeedback to encourage patients/clients to maintain equal power between right and left leg thereby achieving a more balanced and symmetrical pedal stroke.

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