Which Product Is Right For You?

There is a massive range of products available in the market so how do you decide which product is best for you?

If you are buying for your own personal use think about the kind of activities you enjoy doing and the fitness improvement you are looking to achieve. You want to buy something that you will use time after time. Don’t be fooled by unrealistic claims and gimmick style features on some machines, these features will not motivate you to use the machine if you don’t enjoy the type of exercise.

Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bikes

If you enjoy biking the obvious choice is an exercise bike which will improve your cardio fitness, assist in weight loss and tone up legs and butt.

  • Very low impact
  • Great for knee rehab
  • Suitable for the elderly and pregnant women
  • Easy on the lower back
  • Helps tone lower body

Which Exercise Bike is right for you?
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Treadmills are great if you enjoy walking or running and are looking to improve your cardio fitness levels.

  • Do you enjoy running?
  • Lower impact than running outdoors
  • Balanced flat surface
  • Controlled intensity - speed, time, incline
  • Best of the cardiovascular equipment for burning calories

Which Treadmill is right for you?
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Elliptical Cross Trainers

Elliptical Cross Trainers

Elliptical cross trainers are another option if you enjoy walking or running and if you are looking to tone up, lose weight and improve your cardio fitness levels.

  • Lower impact
  • Smooth elliptical motion
  • Upper and lower body workout
  • Great cardiovascular workout
  • Full body tone

Which Elliptical Cross Trainer is right for you?
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Rowing Machines

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are great if you are looking to continue rowing training in all weathers. Rowing machines provide a full body workout, assist with weight loss, all over toning and improve your cardio fitness levels.

  • Low impact
  • Full body workout
  • Intense cardiovascular workout
  • High calorie burner
  • Uses core muscles (abs and back)

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Consider the Fitness Equipment’s Intended User

Whether you are buying for use in your own home or a gym or training studio, give careful consideration to who is going to use the machine. The weight of the intended user is important as heavier users’ place more strain on various wear points and can cause lighter, cheaper products to wear out quicker.

Consider Wear and Tear

Another critical consideration is the amount of use the machine is going to get as the more hours in use the more important the requirement for high quality components. The build strength of the product and the quality of the components are the major factors that determine the cost.

How the Pros Determine Product Suitability

Below is a guide that the top manufacturers use when considering product suitability:

Domestic Models

  • Light domestic use – less than 4 hours per week, 1-2 users
  • Heavy domestic use – 4-14 hours per week, 1-5 users

Commercial Models

  • Light commercial use – less than 4 hours per day, multiple users
  • Heavy commercial use – 4-12 hours per day, multiple users

For more information on product suitability for your individual requirements, simply contact us so one of our fitness experts can assist you.