Indoor v's Outdoor Training

Why should I buy a treadmill if I can just run outside?

Great question. To expand on that, why should we have any home based exercise equipment?

I live in an area where there are great trail runs practically right outside my door. I can go for a run in the lovely native bush of my neighbourhood and only spend 10% of my run on paved roads or footpaths. I can enjoy the scenery and the fresh air, spend time absorbing the sun's rays and the fabulous energies that nature radiates and I can challenge myself with hill climbs and natural obstacles.


But, I don't.

A mere 30 minute drive away from my home is the Woodhill Mountain Bike trail. This incredible facility has a wide range of trails available for every level of rider and enthusiast.

All around my area there are cycle lanes and trails being set up to assist the cycle enthusiast and get us out there doing more.


Yet, I never use them.

It would seem I have no excuse for not getting outside and exercising with all that I have available to me so it begs the question, why don't I?

The main challenge for most people these days is time. We leave for work early and we return from work late. We have kids, pets, partners and friends that all take up more of that time, not to mention eating, sleeping and performing other necessary functions that happen in a modern household. Add to that the thought that we need to do a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise in order to be effective (not necessarily) combined with the 5-10 minutes it takes to get ready and the cool down and clean up at the end making it a 1 hour commitment which we just do not have time for.

There is the weather to consider, and the traffic. Do you have the right gear for the conditions? Is there enough light to see by? Do I have enough safety or high vis gear to be seen? Is my bike ready to ride or have I got my repair kit?

All of these seemingly petty excuses are all it can take to derail our best intentions which can keep compounding to the point that when conditions are just right for us to hit that trail or the road or get out on our bikes, we aren't fit enough to really enjoy the experience! We are too busy struggling up that hill with our head down to appreciate the sights that surround us.

Home base equipment gives us options. I can get home, get dinner ready and quickly throw on a pair of shorts and some shoes and whack out 15 minutes of speed work on the bike or treadmill while it's cooking. If I want to, I can put together a long ride or run for those times when the weather is rubbish and I just need to get moving. I can run, walk or ride between jobs around the home, making it more of an interval training.

This means that when I do get out there, I enjoy it! I love being outdoors but not when I'm too exhausted to make the most of what there is to offer.

Having equipment at home allows me to do more outside.